Photo Update!

We’re driving to north Jersey from the Boston area and I thought I’d post a few photos from our MD/DE/PA/MA shows. This tour has seriously been amazing. Thank you so much for coming out and supporting us at the shows. We play our last show on Thursday at the Living Room in NYC. Our set is as 8pm.

So here we go….

4/21 Newark, DE, The Scrounge at UD! I had my hair cut that morning and the guy who does it decided to style it for the show. It was amazing. As you’ll see from the rest of the photos, it never looks this good!

4/22 Frederick, MD, House Show

4/23 Columbia, MD, House Show

A new friend played glock for us on “Deepest Parts of Me”

Something funny happened?

No photos from our radio interviews on the 24th and 25th. Sadness. I wish we’d remembered to take some at WXPN in Philly. Alas…

4/27 Clarksville, MD, The Gathering Place

Lovely openers Jon & Carrie with their son, Zander. He stood up on stage and pretended to play a guitar hero guitar for their entire set.

Here I am channeling Ricky Bobby. Seriously.

Photos from Ebenezer’s on 4/28 are hiding from me. They are somewhere.

A couple shots from backstage at the NBC 10! Show in Philly on 4/29

The green room:

We couldn’t resist getting a photo with these two on their big day…

No photos from the Flash that night. Sadness.

4/30, Newtown Square, PA, Burlap & Bean:

And again…we forgot to take photos in Dover on Sunday.

Last night in Wenham, MA!

pickin’ and  singin’

This morning in Manchester, MA. So much beauty.

Can you tell we’re getting tired?

There you have it. Again, thanks for coming out. If we haven’t made it out to see you yet, hopefully we will in the future!


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