At Long Last: The WA/OR Photo Update

I know you’ve been waiting anxiously…err…probably not. Anyway, here are some photos! My sister and her husband Kevin traveled with us for the weekend. Kevin took most of these photos.

In Seattle:

Just off the plane, waiting for the ferry in Seattle

The ferry approaching

Beauty from the ferry

At my sister’s in Poulsbo:

View of the Olympics at sunset

from her back porch

In Olympia:

Mount Rainier from the road

with my sister Karen

In Seattle:

On the water

Portland & Silverton:

breakfast at Mother's in Portland. Note the amazing strawberry waffle.



A kitty showed up after the show:

i love him already

This is just to show you how hard Tyler works at our shows:

look at all that sweat!

sunset that evening

That should do it for now.

Just a few thoughts…

I’ve not been a consistent blogger this month. We’ve spent a lot of time with family. It’s been wonderful.

We spent the past week in Texas with my parents, my sister and her husband, and my brother. It was nearly 100 degrees everyday and sunny. My parents happen to live at a resort. Well, not really a resort, but it sure does seem like it. The pool is huge and beautiful and my dad plays bluegrass music over a system that plays throughout the house and down by the pool all day long. We played loads of pool volleyball, sat in the sun, and drank cider all afternoon. Stewart (the one-eyed cat) even joined in the festivities a bit. He lounged with us. Such a sweet cat he is.

While we were there, my mom brought down a few boxes from the attic that I’d yet to go through since getting married and moving out. I found some treasures. All of my journals were in one of those boxes. I read through a few of them. The one from 8th and 9th grade is hilarious. I was the most dramatic 14 year old ever. And so boy crazy. But what 14 year old girl isn’t right? I read through some of my high school journals and discovered that I’ve been struggling with the same things for ten years. In those journals I’m always doubting that the Lord is pleased with me and wanting to be more faithful. I think I deal with the same issues today. Do any of you see yourself dealing with the same sort of sin or struggles year after year? I’d like to be able to break free from these things.

All of the journal reading has inspired me to be a bit more faithful to the journal I currently keep. And to set aside more time for songwriting. I’ve got some lovely tunes in the works. Hopefully we’ll be playing new songs at our shows in August and September.

I think that’ll be all for now. Have a lovely day friends.

Grandma’s, Cobbler, Ice Cream Maker?

One of my favorite things about being home is baking. Those of you who’ve been reading the blog for a while probably know this. I’ve tried to cut back on my baking habit, but I honestly think it’s in my blood. My grandma is a fantastic baker. Her pies are divine, and she even taught me how to make biscotti back in the day. Mmmm…I should make some. When we were little, my brother, sister, and I used to refer to my grandma’s house as “the land of a thousand treats.” And it really was. Being at grandma’s meant you could have 5 cookies and 3 pieces of pie in one day and not get in trouble. She made 20 varieties of Christmas cookies. You think I’m exaggerating, but I’m really not. We made the trek to Grandma’s house twice a year (remember, we were a military family and always lived far away) and it was magical. Truly magical.

All this to say, I’ve been baking. A lot. Our new apartment stays very cool…sometimes downright cold…meaning that the heat that usually discourages my baking in the summer is no longer an issue. And we’ve had lots of dinner guests. I must provide them with dessert right?

The other night I made a peach cobbler. It was more of a cakey cobbler. I found the recipe over at A Sweet Pea Chef’s blog. You can get it here. I paired the cobbler with vanilla ice cream. Delicious. Tonight I’m going to try a blackberry cobbler. I love blackberries and the season is just beginning. So excited.

I’m thinking about getting an ice cream maker. Anyone have one? Thoughts?

I’ll let you know how my cobbler turns out!

WA & OR recap, The Human Experience

Somehow over the past couple weeks my bedtime has become later and later…to the point where I can’t physically fall asleep before 2am. Usually later. I don’t know how this happened. Of course the best thing to do to rectify the situation is to wake up early one morning, get as tired as possible throughout the day, and pass out early that evening. I had great intentions this morning. I set my alarm last night for 8am. When I woke up this morning, it was 9:30. What the heck?! Tyler assures me he didn’t turn my alarm off, meaning I must’ve forgotten to save it on my phone or something. Oh well, even the best laid plans…

We had an excellent week in Washington state and Oregon. Seriously. We explored Seattle (and shot a music video to Song For You along the way!), indulged in Top Pot doughnuts, ate lots of Thai food (I had the greenest green curry of my life. Think electric green.), drank too much coffee, and played a few shows and made some new friends too!

The house show in Olympia was fantastic. It happened to be our lovely host’s birthday. We left feeling like we had a couple new best friends. The same was true for Silverton, OR. Everyone was so nice. And a couple of kitties showed up at the end. Always good. After the Silverton show we made our way back to Olympia for a church service there that night. So fun to see everyone from the house show again.

Oh- in between Olympia and Silverton we spent an afternoon in Portland. I had the best waffle of my life at a place called Mother’s. Strawberries, whipped cream, delightfully crisp waffle. Yum.

Perhaps the best part of the little weekend run was that my sister Karen and her husband Kevin were able to accompany us. Kevin is an officer in the Navy, meaning his schedule is usually really strict. Miraculously, he was able to get off four days in a row! It was nice to share a bit of what we do with them. Karen manned the merch table at every show and Kevin acted as our tour photographer.

And I forgot to mention – the weather was GORGEOUS while we were there. Everyone talks about it being so dismal and cloudy and rainy up there, and I’m sure it is a lot of the time, but we had sun and warm weather the entire week! We were able to see the mountains. Tyler and I commented on how bizarre our afternoon in Portland was. The temperature was somewhere in the 80’s, yet just across the river stood a majestic, snow covered mountain.

Well, there you have it. I put off posting because I wanted to include photos, but all of them are on Tyler’s computer, which he has been using non-stop while he edits the Song For You video. Hopefully I’ll post some next week.

We watched a powerful documentary the other night called “The Human Experience.” If you have Netflix you can go watch it instantly. We highly recommend it. A group of guys from Brooklyn want to experience more of life. They spend a week on the streets in NYC, another week at a home for sick and abused children in Peru, and another with AIDS patients and at a leper colony in Ghana. I didn’t know leper colonies still existed. It was really eye opening. There’s so much beauty in the film and so much suffering. I found myself mourning and rejoicing throughout. Afterwards I was reminded of how easy my life is. My husband doesn’t abuse me. I don’t have a painful, terminal illness. I have two supportive, loving parents. I have a safe place to live. Not only do I have more than enough to eat, my food tastes really good.

Go watch it.

I’m off to other things…