At Long Last: The WA/OR Photo Update

I know you’ve been waiting anxiously…err…probably not. Anyway, here are some photos! My sister and her husband Kevin traveled with us for the weekend. Kevin took most of these photos.

In Seattle:

Just off the plane, waiting for the ferry in Seattle

The ferry approaching

Beauty from the ferry

At my sister’s in Poulsbo:

View of the Olympics at sunset

from her back porch

In Olympia:

Mount Rainier from the road

with my sister Karen

In Seattle:

On the water

Portland & Silverton:

breakfast at Mother's in Portland. Note the amazing strawberry waffle.



A kitty showed up after the show:

i love him already

This is just to show you how hard Tyler works at our shows:

look at all that sweat!

sunset that evening

That should do it for now.


4 responses

  1. fun trip! and i’m so happy to discover your blog.. i listen to you two often. as a fellow musician & worshiper, i truly appreciate the way you write and the things you have to say. trust me, you’re speaking to hearts all over. i missed you the last time you were here (around the annapolis/columbia MD area), but come back soon because i’d love to meet you! until then, i’ll catch up on your adventures here. 🙂


  2. HOW DID I NOT KNOW YOU WERE IN MY CITY!!! You came to PDX and I missed it! So glad you went to Mothers! There are a plethora of other awesome places so next time you’re out here I’ll hook you up! Blessings to you both today!

  3. AHHH! You guys were in Seattle/PDX and I missed you guys? Sigh. Frustration. But still excitement. I only just discovered you wonderful duo and have already been blessed by you guys.

    Hearing music that inspires and gets my soul giddy is refreshing.

    Anyways, hope you come back to the West coast sometime before 2038.

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