Last in Gym Class

When I was a kid, I was always picked last in gym class. No lie. I’m just not very coordinated. Anyone else experience this? Oh, gym class. I remember some of those moments so vividly. The silent prayers offered up to heaven during the picking process, “Please God, not this time!” Quietly pleading, “Please! Pick me!” Inevitably, I was picked last. I’d walk with my head down over to my team, knowing what they were thinking: “Man, we got stuck with her AGAIN!” I was put in the out field for softball games and tried to get out as early as possible during dodge ball.

This weekend, all of that changed. I discovered something new about myself: I rock at pool volleyball. Seriously. Maybe being among friends made me less nervous, or maybe I’m just awesome. Either way, it was exhilarating. People actually wanted me on their team. And I had FUN! Oh so much fun.

Maybe I shouldn’t be afraid of sports anymore. Maybe just land sports?

A few years ago Tyler wrote me a song about being picked last in gym class. It’s a punk song. In my opinion, it’s pretty stellar. Have a listen yourself. The lighting in the video sucks, but I think the performance more than makes up for it. This is from a camp we played in Cornwall (that’s over in the UK) back in 2008. It was awesome. Oh and the “Tom” I mention in the video is my older brother, who happened to be the youth pastor on the trip.


5 responses

  1. Jenny that happened to me too when i was younger, more middle school than high school, since i was homeschooled for high school. It sucked, i didnt not have a great public school experience which is what led me to homeschool.

  2. I stand in solidarity with you as a fellow ‘picked last in gym class girl,’ and I celebrate your first-string aquatic volleyball achievements. 🙂

  3. I totally sympathize! The other day the men’s church softball team’s game got cancelled (the ages are 16-106) because the other team didn’t show. Some of the wives wanted to play a game with their husbands and soon the teenage girls joined in. So they picked teams (thank God one of the men just counted off “one” “two” and didn’t make us sit through a painful choosing of teams in which I’d be picked last). Well, as soon as the team was picked a young man threw me into right field. I know right field is for losers. But i went out there anyway. However, when it was my turn to hit – i got a run! Made it to first! and the guy behiind me hit it so far I made it to home and scored the team a run! There is always hope for the gym class loser 🙂

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