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Every couple a days (or weeks depending on how lazy I’m feeling) I go through our mailing list sign up emails. For those of you who have joined the mailing list, you may remember that on the sign-up form there is a place to send us a message. I read all of the messages. I respond to the folks who ask questions or want to book shows or share something really awesome. Usually people write similar things. I don’t grow tired of reading encouragement, in fact, we really appreciate it. However, today, I’ve come across a few exceptional messages that I thought I’d share. Some are funny. Some are sweet. One is plain weird. Here we go:

” well. your music is kinda cool. just thought i’d throw that out there. its like sunbathing on a summer day except the sun is a giant speaker and the rays of sunlight are the wonderful tones of your music. to put it simply, its cool.”

” Keep up the good work! A 16 year old gal and older dude make a perfect group! I’m kidding :)”  (ummm…awkward?)

“Discovered your music while googling a strawberry peach pie recipe 🙂 Looking forward to hearing more of it.” (yay for the blog!)

“You guys are great! This is my favorite kind of music! Important question: What’s your favorite flavor of ice cream?” (An important question to be sure. You can tell a lot about a person by their favorite ice cream. Mine happens to be peanut butter & chocolate, or chocolate & peanut butter.)

” I love your music! As I dancer, it is some of my fav. to choreograph to.” (LOVE that folks are dancing to the music!)

Anyway, these made my day a little brighter. Love to you all.


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