The Sound of Silence & Tour Dates!

You guys. I’m getting excited. Seriously. Why? Two reasons:

Firstly, (I think that’s a word? I know that secondly is) we had a blast this week recording The Sound of Silence by Simon & Garfunkel. If for some reason you’ve never heard this song, or Simon & Garfunkel (gasp!) you should check it out:

I think our version is going to be pretty cool. I’m pretty biased. We had a great time recording anyway. We tracked everything in our little apartment, meaning we had to get a bit creative with our space.

We made a special vocal booth between our mattress and futon:

The control room/our closet:

And my personal favorite, tracking snare in our bathroom (clearly I don’t know how to play):

So much fun. Instrumentation for the song: clarinet, glockenspiel, acoustic, mandolin, epic choir, upright bass, kick, snare, and hopefully some trumpet.

On to the second reason for my excitedness:

Our late summer/fall tour is really coming together. We’ve got shows confirmed in:

Simpsonville, SC
Arlington, VA
Baltimore, MD
Avalon, NJ
Wilmington, DE
Wildwood, NJ
Little Rock, AR
Shallotte, NC
Boiling Springs, NC
Dahlonega, GA
Kansas City, MO
Marshfield, WI
Waco, TX
Naperville, IL
Livonia, MI

We’re waiting on just a few more confirmations. We’ll let you know asap. Check out all of the details:


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