Ice cream, photos, and songs.

Good morning friends!

It’s just about 9am here in Nashville and I’m sipping some coffee and surfing the internets.

A few fun things to report:

1. We successfully made ice cream! Yes! The plan was to make vanilla and throw in the most amazing blackberries that I picked back in Delaware, but alas, the blackberries had begun fermenting…and I wasn’t sure if that would work out well in ice cream. So we went for plain vanilla. The machine we bought came with an extra freezer bowl- genius, right? You can make two different flavors back to back. We opted for chocolate as a second flavor. So so so delicious. I can’t believe I come from a family of ice cream lovers and I’ve never made ice cream. Yesterday I had a scoop of vanilla and a scoop of chocolate together – ridiculous.

2. Our good friend Emily Troutman took some lovely pictures of us while we were in Delaware. Emily actually photographed our wedding, so it was really fun to work with her again. These are technically anniversary shots, but I think a few could show up in future album artwork or be used for promo purposes. We’ll see. Check them out here.

3.The  Song for You music video is being colored! Yay! That means that soon, and very soon, we will be sharing it with all of you. I’m so excited.

4. We’ve been writing a TON of new songs. If you’re coming to any of the shows this fall, be prepared! I’m sure we’ll play a couple for ya.

Well, that might be all. We go on the road so soon! Can’t wait to see all of you lovely people.

One response

  1. 1. this makes me want to make (and eat!) ice cream! sounds so delicious.
    2. the photo shoot looks awesome.. especially the mandolin 🙂
    3. cannot WAIT to hear the new material! my friend larissa & i are especially looking forward to hearing your version of “sound of silence” because we are in love with “The Graduate” 🙂

    xo sarah

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