Natural disasters, survival, tour dates, and Bon Iver

What a week.

Earthquake. Evacuation. Hurricane. Basement Pajama Party. Strawberry Peach Pie (essential for survival…or at least it makes surviving a bit more enjoyable.)


We were sad to see our shows in Jersey canceled. We were so looking forward to meeting some of you. Alas, it wasn’t meant to be. Don’t worry Jersey shore, we’ll be back next year!

In other news, though this isn’t newsworthy in the least, I bought a vacuum cleaner this afternoon. It felt like a very grown up thing to do. Especially after eating chocolate chip cookies for breakfast.

Tyler and his friends made their way to the beach today for a final day of surfing. Supposedly the waves are pretty big after a hurricane. Tomorrow we will make the trip back to Nashville for a few days before we head out for our September tour. September is going to be one busy month, in a very good way. We just added Asbury University and Carson-Newman College to our calendar. You can see a full list of the cities and dates here.

And finally, is it terrible that I can’t seem to get in to Bon Iver? I’ve tried. I listened to both albums on Spotify. This morning I was doing some work at Barnes & Noble and they were playing the new album. I think the music is beautiful. I’m just not a fan of the falsetto. And it seems that it is sort of his “thing.” I’ve been scared to admit this for quite some time because it seems that all of the cool kids really like Bon Iver. Perhaps there’s something innately wrong with me? I’m kidding of course. Oh well.

Well this has been quite the random post. Just want to let you know that we’re still alive and well. Did everyone make it through the hurricane all right?


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