Song For You Video!!! It’s finally here!!!


We are so excited to share this video with you. I don’t think I can adequately express just how pleased we are with the final product. The video features my pretty sister Karen and her husband Kevin Kerno. We didn’t realize just how similar Karen and I look until we began the editing process. All that to say, don’t be alarmed, I’m not in two places at once. The beautiful girl at the beginning is in fact Karen. We hope you enjoy!


In other news, we hit the road early on Tuesday morning and made our way up to Asbury University. I did not anticipate the cold rain and have spent the past two days walking around in my toms with very wet, cold feet. But at least I’m stylin’ right? 🙂 As always the students and faculty at Asbury were friendly and hospitable. Several students there took turns taking us out for food. Yes, I said students. College students. Taking us out to eat. And paying for it. We were floored. We spent just over 24 hours at Asbury and in that short time we were able to break bread with about 15 students at different times. We like to say that making music is all about relationships, and when we’re at Asbury it really feels like it’s true.

Tomorrow we make our way to North Carolina. We’ll be there for just about a week before heading to GA and then back to TN. I hope you’re drinking in Fall. I’m hoping to literally do so in the next couple days by picking up a pumpkin spice latte at Starbucks. Mmmmmm….

Enjoy the video!


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