It is blowing my mind that we are nearly half way through September. How did this happen? I feel like an old person talking about how fast time passes, but it really does feel like time speeds up when we’re traveling. We’ve been on the road now for a week and it has been awesome. We played a house show in Greensboro, NC that was unlike any other house show we’ve ever played. Imagine 55 people packed into a den full of smiles with homemade (yes – from scratch!) vanilla cream filled chocolate cupcakes, lemon buttercream cupcakes, caramel apple bites, vanilla cake truffles, and even more deliciousness. Our lovely host Millie is apparently a fantastic baker, and she put her talent to good use for us.

Oh, and the music was fun too! 🙂

The next day we made our way to Shallotte, NC and played a show with our friend Jason Gray, whose new record happens to be out today and is fantastic. Go get it. I stuffed my face with cucumbers and learned some new warm ups from Jason pre-show. The audience that evening was amazing. I love it when we play new places. I really doubt anyone there (other than the College Life crew from Greensboro that happened to be retreating down in Ocean Isle that weekend) had ever heard of us, but they welcomed us warmly and treated us like old friends.

After sharing some songs at a local church on Sunday morning, we spent the afternoon at the beach! I knew that the weather last week was teasing us. It was probably 85 degrees. The water in NC is incredibly warm and Tyler helped me ride a few waves. He’s so patient with me. I am by no means an accomplished body boarder or surfer. In fact, I’m not a very strong swimmer. He pulled my board along as he paddled out into the waves so that I wouldn’t get too tired, and pushed me into each wave I caught.

Last night we played a house show for some Gardner-Webb students here in Boiling Springs, NC. Tonight we’ll be sharing songs at the University. In just a little while we’re headed over to the dining hall for lunch with new friends. Now that we’re finished with college, we really appreciate dining halls. Seriously. There is so much to choose from! And we don’t have to cook it or clean up after ourselves. The whole concept is really quite amazing.

Anyway, there’s a play by play of what we’ve been up to. I leave you a photo of me with a kitty I met while at Asbury University. Such a sweet kitty he was.


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