My a’cappella group is unreal!

I’ve watched The Sing Off intermittently over the past two seasons. I was in an a’cappella group while in college and LOVE a’cappella music. Seriously. Sometimes that becomes apparent in our backing vocals on the records. I just can’t help myself.

I’ve always said that my a’cappella group from college was as good, if not better than all of the groups that have been on the show. Turns out I wasn’t just a proud alumnitone, I was right!

I give you The Deltones!

I’m so, so, so happy for my friends. I haven’t even been able to watch the full episode yet because I haven’t had the best internet access over the past few days.

Avi Amon is the bass in the group and he actually played the piano parts on Faint Not, This is Just So Beautiful, and Through Your Eyes. I love Avi. He lived across the hall from me freshman year and is truly the reason I joined the Deltones. I remember our conversation vividly. Avi asked me if I was a singer. I said yes and he invited me to the auditions that evening. I didn’t even know what a’cappella was at the time. I remember the current group performing for us during auditions and my jaw hitting the floor in pure amazement. They were incredible.

I’ll stop gushing now. Just watch the video. You’ll thank me later.

We’re headed back to Milwaukee this afternoon after spending a total of 24 hours here in Texas. The show last night at Common Grounds was ridiculously fun. So many of you came out in the 90+ degree weather. Tyler literally looked like he’d jumped in a pool. Crazy. But awesome.

Tomorrow we’re headed for Chicago. We actually have a night off in the city. Any suggestions as to what we should do? A trip to Giordano’s might be in order.



7 responses

  1. We were just in Chicago! Definitely go to Giordano’s, especially if you’ve never been there. And get a mocha from the Ghiradelli store…that place rocks. 😉 Enjoy!

    This video is awesome, btw.

  2. Listening to you two close out your show in Naperville right now. Its amazing to see you both captivate an audience of college students, not with music but with ministry. I truly believe that you two spoke to hearts tonight. Loved the show and thanks for showing love and revealing Christ tonight!

  3. Loved this performance. Watched the entire season and it is fun to see you were a part of this. Was listening to “Song for You” this last week and thankful again for the way God speaks through music. Thanks for stopping in Columbus a while ago… was great to hear and meet you guys.

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