Reason to Gather Tour!

We head out today for the Reason to Gather tour with Sara Groves and Audrey Assad. I can’t believe it’s here already. It seems like just yesterday we were freaking out after getting an email from the Groves inviting us to join them. It almost makes me think that this whole music thing could actually work. We’ll see. We’re ridiculously excited.

I’d appreciate your prayers this week. Early Sunday morning I had the first seizure I’ve had since December of last year. I think I’m disappointed more than anything. I was so hoping to make it a full year. Anyway, I’m feeling pretty good today. My sore limbs seem to be healing. I bit my tongue pretty badly and it sounds like I’m trying to talk with a mouthful of peanut butter. Hopefully the swelling will go down and the pain will subside before the first show on Friday. At any rate, prayers for healing are greatly appreciated.

Our friend JJ Heller released a new record today and it sounds awesome. You should probably go get it. She’s number 1 on the itunes singer-songwriter charts right now! So exciting!

Here’s where the tour is taking us:

10/14 Clinton, NJ
10/16 Indianapolis, IN
10/19 Greensboro, NC
10/20 Raleigh, NC
10/21 Chattanooga, TN
10/22 Gainesville, FL
10/23 Atlanta, GA

And in November:

11/13 Pasco, WA
11/14 Spokane, WA

Hope to see many of you!


7 responses

  1. I love you guys. I’m glad you’re feeling better, Jenny, though I definitely feel your disappointment. 😦

    I’m hoping to round up some folks to come to the Chattanooga show! I’m excited to see the reaction of the folks who have come to see Sara and/or Audrey. 🙂

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