Photo Update from our trip to WA

Well I certainly have been lazy when it comes to blogging. Life has been a little crazy lately. I feel like I’ve been saying that over and over, but it really is true. We finished tracking our new record and we’re really pleased with it. I’m not sure when we’ll release it, but we’ll keep you posted.

We spent a week in WA visiting my sister and touring with the Groves. I knew WA is beautiful, but I hadn’t really been anywhere outside of Seattle. On Tuesday we had to wake up at 4:30am to get on the road by 5am. The 5 hour drive between Spokane and Seattle was absolutely STUNNING. I feel like the early start was worth it just to see the beauty.

I thought I’d post a few photos for you:

Driving into Seattle:


Delicious Latte:


Poulsbo, WA:


Desert in Pasco, WA:

Sara performing in Spokan, WA:

Sunrise somewhere between Spokane and Seattle:

Group shot at 7am. We’re a bit tired. And cold:

Snow on the way to Seattle:

Really tired in the snow:

Overall a beautiful trip with such sweet people.

We’ve got a few shows coming up in South Carolina and the Northeast. Check out the tour page for details:

Have a lovely day, friends!



4 responses

  1. Those photos, especially the sunrise one, are breath-taking and bring tears of joy to my eyes how beautiful such a creation is. Thank you for sharing!:) In other news…. It is funny how LMAOF video is the advertisement for this serene post, LOL 🙂

  2. Simply beautiful, especially the sunrise photo, beautiful. Very emotional how beautiful such a creation is!:) In other news… it is funny how the LMAOF video is the paid advertisement for this calming post. LOL 🙂

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