DE Update

Good morning! I’m sitting at Tyler’s parents’ kitchen table in DE enjoying my first cup of coffee. It is beautiful here today. This house has lots of natural light. I love it. Living in a basement makes me miss natural light. But I do love our cozy little apartment.

I hope you had a lovely Thanksgiving. We spent the day in Avalon, NJ (where we were married) with Ty’s parents. The weather was insanely beautiful. So warm and clear.

Our dinner was pretty good. I put too much salt in the stuffing…oh well. The pies were delicious.

I do love apple pie.

Last night we had the privilege of playing some songs for the Baptist Student Ministry at the University of Delaware. Some of you may know this, but Tyler and I met at UD about 7 years ago and really bonded while leading worship for BSM. It was a little surreal to be back. Some things were really different while other things hadn’t changed at all.

Those are the inputs on the snake they use for sound. That is literally Tyler’s handwriting on the masking tape. I love that nearly everything has been crossed out and replaced, but they haven’t actually replaced the tape itself. So lazy. And I love it.

Vision, one of the a cappella groups on campus recently arranged Faint Not. They were rehearsing in the student center last night and performed it for us. As you may have gathered, I love, love, love a cappella. I’ve always hoped that a group would arrange one of our songs, but seeing as no one really knows our music I didn’t think it would happen. It was so cool hearing them perform Faint Not. Tyler was able to get a video of the performance.

Vision Sings Faint Not

Anyway, we’re off to Messiah College for a show this evening. We’ve been practicing Christmas songs for our shows this week! Woohoo!



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