New Song Title? Your Opinions & Comments. Decision!

Well friends, the song title verdict is in. Thank you so much for helping out! It was really fun to read your comments!

The final count:

No Words for This: 180
Skyline Hill: 168
No Words: 39
Skyline Hill (No Words for This): 11

Initially we thought we’d choose the title based on numbers alone, but in the end, we took into account both the objective, numbers, and subjective, comments.

Comments in favor of Skyline Hill:

“‘No Words For This'” as a title sounds too much like a high school poetry contest entry to me. Skyline Hill I think gives people a visual. It’s so juxtaposed. Because Skyline is so urban, and hill is… well, not. And it just sounds beautiful together.” – Joeysee

“like Skyline Hill a little better as a name for the song because i feel the song becomes about the place and the moment and gets the listener in more of a mood to paint their own picture of Skyline Hill.” – Sam

“I think Skyline Hill. Love the contrast of the concrete images with the abstract feelings.” – AmmaThor

“No Words” or “No Words for This” is the obvious choice. But Skyline Hill is the more Indie, more romantic choice. And frankly I’d love it if you guys went that route. Just one more opinion”- Anna

“Skyline Hill as a title increases the impact of the line ‘there are no words for this” when you first sing it. Using the line as the title gives it away too quickly. – Kelly

“I’ll jump in on this one…Skyline Hill is the most interesting option. I would be more likely to click play on a song titled “Skyline Hill” over one titled “No Words for This”. It makes me think there’s an actual story that the song is telling.” -Jonathan Dewveall

Comments in favor of No Words For This:

I’ve already voted 🙂 but it may be nice to know that I played the song a couple of times this morning before leaving for college and all day I have found myself humming the tune and then singing “there are no words for this” over and over. It’s what stayed in my head the most. Heather McCarthy

“…We loved your new song about no words. i think that might be a good title…” – Jenny’s grandma

Others we particularly enjoyed:

“Eye Contact cause you guys make a lot of it when you sing it. If that doesn’t work for you I would say Skyline Hill cause who else is going to make a song called Skyline Hill? I sure have heard a lot of words about there not being words for things.” – David

“I’m also in favor of adding a parenthetical part to the title but with a twist: There Are No Words For This (Except For the Ones in This Song)” – Keith

“You should make the song “Robots don’t grow hair” just to throw everyone off.” – Garry

We choose Skyline Hill!

Thank so much for helping! We’re hoping to post more new songs as the release date (to be announced soon!) draws nearer.

– Jenny & Tyler


6 responses

  1. “Robots don’t grow hair” sounds like Relient K, just sayin’. Well maybe not quite, but I wouldn’t be as shocked if they did that title for a song.
    Love Skyline Hill! (the song and the title)

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