New Orleans, The Sound of Silence, & Wheaton

I had such great blogging aspirations this year. My goal was to blog every Tuesday and Thursday, one day with a recipe and another with something fun that’s going on in our world. Alas, I have failed. I have not given up however, and while today isn’t Tuesday or Thursday, I will blog.

We spent last week vacationing in New Orleans! It was really restful. And fun. Tyler had king cake for the first time – chocolate cream cheese filled at that! It was so, so, so delicious. We literally ate it every morning and evening. But you can do that on vacation, right?

Oh, and the music in New Orleans is amazing. We spent about an hour listening to these guys out on the street in Jackson Square.

Clarinet King and sousaphonist, (the big tuba is called a sousaphone.)


I was in awe of the clarinet player. It really did make me miss playing.

Speaking of playing clarinet….

The Sound of Silence is here! Beginning next Tuesday (Jan. 31st) you’ll be able to download The Sound of Silence exclusively on Itunes. All of the profits from the download will go to the International Justice Mission. IJM is doing great things to combat modern day slavery. We really believe in what they’re doing. Go learn more at

For now you can listen to the song here:

And yes, somehow Tyler convinced me to play clarinet. It was fun.

One more thing…

For those of you in the Chicago area, we will be playing a show with Sara Groves and Shawn McDonald at Wheaton College. Get tickets and details here.

Happy Wednesday!



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