Just a little note…

Well hello everyone. 

We played our Open Your Doors release show in Nashville last night. It was beautiful. It’s always fun to see friends at shows. A bit intimidating, but very fun. 🙂 

It’s been fantastic to hear some great feedback about Open Your Doors! It’s always a little scary putting new music out there for the world to listen to. It feels like we’re putting a bit of our soul out there for all of you to pick at and judge. I constantly have to remind myself that my music does not define me. My identity is not “musician” or “songwriter.” Instead it is “daughter of the Risen King.” I think that’s been an essential truth for me. And it’s one that I still struggle to believe on a daily basis. 

We hit the road in just a few days and head east for a run of shows in DE, VA, NJ, MD, and PA. We’d love to see you if you’re in any of those areas. You can check the tour page for details. 

Open Your Doors releases so soon! We’re so excited! April 3rd is this coming Tuesday! Woot!


5 responses

  1. I wish you guys would come to the Dallas/ Ft. Worth area!!!! I realize that’d be a an 8 and 1/2 hour drive from Nashville though haha. A lot of my family lives in Nashville though so maybe I’ll be in town sometime when you guys are doing a show!!! I found out about you both through Noisetrade and just want to say thank you for putting out the music you feel God has lead you to! I have Open Your Doors pre-ordered from your webstore and I am waiting with bated breathe for April 3rd 😀

    • Thanks! Glad that you’re enjoying it and hope you really like Open Your Doors! We actually make our way to the DFW area pretty frequently as my parents live down that way. We were there back in Feb, and hope to return in July. Keep checking back for dates!

  2. Keep keeping that identity your priority – no matter what the future holds for the two of you! Everything else will fall in place!

  3. Looking forward to meeting you while you’re in Indiana and thanks for covering for Audrey for the concert! Just started listening to your music and I love it – See you on the 17th!

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