Open Your Doors is here!

Today is the day! I don’t know if I can adequately express how excited we are to share Open Your Doors with you. Seriously. We began writing in earnest for this record back in July (Skyline Hill and Little Balloon were written over a year ago…crazy!) and it’s been thrilling to see how the songs have taken shape and created this story of rest and abiding in Christ. We really hope that you love it.

The record is currently sitting at #3 on the iTunes singer/songwriter charts. We would love for you to go rate and review it. Our hope is that it will stay in the top 10 for a little while. Lots of people browse iTunes casually on Tuesday and we would love for folks to notice the album. It could lead to new listeners and ultimately encourage folks with the message of Jesus. You should be able to get to us on iTunes by clicking here. If not, just search for Jenny and Tyler over at the iTunes store. We really appreciate your help.

We’re really just overwhelmed with how supportive you are. Tyler and I met in August of 2004 and if you’d told me then that we would be making music for a living and touring together I would’ve thought you were crazy. It’s amazing to see God working and moving through the music.

We’re playing shows this week in Elkton, MD and Newtown Square, PA. Next week we travel to NJ, DE, MD, and VA. Check the tour page for details.



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