Photo update!


I write to you from a guest room at Williams Baptist College in Walnut Ridge, AR (aka the middle of nowhere). We played to an enthusiastic crowd of students last night. Being here has been quite possibly the most refreshing time we’ve had on this CD release tour. The students are so kind, encouraging, and helpful. We love this place.

This tour has brought us through so much beauty! From the mountains in West Virginia to the farm land in Amish country, it’s been an amazing trip.

A few highlights:

We explored the ever-changing campus of the University of Delaware (our alma mater!). This is where Tyler told me, “I think I like you, Jenny Appel.” Such sweet words.


The cows at our favorite ice cream place in Delaware:

The church where we played in NJ was stunning. I wish we played in more rooms like this one.

Light on the road in West Virginia:

Tyler slacklining at a park in Indianapolis:

Amish country in Odon, IN. This was literally behind the venue:

Yellow fields on the way to Arkansas:

I love how different the US looks from one state to the next.

Today we head to Springfield, MO. On Friday we’re in Naperville, IL and then on Saturday we’re in Ft. Wayne, IN. Come out to the shows if you’re in the area! Details are at the tour page.


2 responses

  1. Thank you guys for playing last night!
    Every time you come it’s always a meaningful experience.
    Enjoy the rest of your journey.

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