Happy Fourth of July!

The fourth of July may not be the best day to blog. Most of you are probably outside swimming in pools, grilling, and being with family. But we have an 11 hour drive to Texas, so I’ve got time to kill. Maybe late tonight when you’re recovering from eating all of that food and applying aloe to your sun burnt shoulders you’ll take a moment to read this little blog. One can hope, right?

I thought I’d share a bit of one of my best Fourth of July memories.

When I was 16 I took a trip up to Delaware (I was living in MS at the time) to visit a couple of my friends from junior high. I stayed for the Fourth of July and we decided to drive over to Maryland and take the metro into DC. It was one of the most beautiful days I’ve ever experienced. People of all walks of life flooded the national mall. There were so many different ethnicities there and as we walked around the mall we heard dozens of languages being spoken. But somehow, despite our differences, there was a great sense of unity among us. Even my 16 year old self felt it. It was as if we all understood each other as Americans that day.

The fireworks over the Washington memorial were incredible. And sharing the day with my best friends (they still are my best friends…how did I get so lucky?!) is something I’ll never forget.

On a side note – it took 3 hours for us to get from the mall down to the metro platform after the fireworks. I guess that’s what happens when there are thousands of people trying to get through one metro entrance. But we didn’t care. We talked to the people around us. We played games and asked each other questions. Silly questions like, “what’s your favorite movie?” or “what’s your favorite restaurant?” We were all in it together.

The road we were supposed to take home was closed for some reason that evening. It was interesting finding our way home as we didn’t have a map with us and that was before smart phones with built in gps. But we made it. I think it took about 6 hours to get home – more than twice what it should have – but again, we were so happy to be together that we didn’t mind.

I hope that you have a very lovely Fourth of July. We are so blessed to have freedoms than many people in other nations do not. Our government isn’t perfect, but most things aren’t. And a special thank you to those who have served or are serving to protect our freedom. You are so brave.


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  1. and a Happy 4th of July to you and your family. If you want to go shopping check out Plano Texas, there’s a Macy’s there. Highly reccomend it.

  2. I went to DC with my family this year for the fireworks! You’re so right, Jenny, the unity and general friendliness of everyone was overwhelming. We were actually in a park a few miles away to avoid some of the traffic. But anyway, there was a group of young boys of all different ethnicities playing soccer together. It was beautiful.

  3. I spent this year in DC as well 🙂 i always think of the exact thing that you mentioned… people from all over the world, speaking different languages, united in one place. and it always makes me feel really lucky that i’ve grown up with the nation’s capital so close to me. glad you posted about this!

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